Yorkshire Show Caves

Magnificent displays of flowstone, cave coral, rims-stone pools, and other calcite deposits. Guided tours of the cave- no steps. Groups by prior arrangement.

Mother Shipton is England's most famous Prophetess. She lived some 500 years ago in the times of King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth. The cave is part of the Knaresborough Gorge formed during the Devensian Ice Age 25,000 years ago. This dark ancient cavern was the birthplace of Mother Shipton and was her home until she was fostered by a local family.

ST ROBERT'S CAVE - Knaresborough
St Robert's Cave is a rare survival of a medieval hermit's home. This site was carved from the solid magnesian limestone bedrock, and once attracted thousands of pilgrims to this North Yorkshire town. Robert of Knaresborough lived on this site in the late twelfth and early thirteenth centuries, and was recorded in his own era as one of the pre-eminent holy people in all of Europe.

STUMP CROSS CAVERNS - Greenhow near Pateley Bridge
The caves were sealed off during the last Ice Age and were not discovered until the mid 19th century when lead miners, sinking a shaft came accidentally upon the caves. Exploration has yielded a richness of animal remains and fossil bones.

TOM TAYLORS CAVE - How Stean Gorge, near Pateley Bridge Tom Taylors Cave and How Stean Tunnel can be explored when visiting the limestone gorge at How Stean in Nidderdale, torch hire available.

WHITE SCAR CAVE - near Ingleton
England's biggest cave, join a guided tour to the massive Ice Age cavern which is over 200,000 years old, see underground waterfalls and streams, and thousands of stalactites.

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